Inside A Limo

Every limousine is different, both inside and out. Different types of limousines (i.e. 4×4 limo or traditional shape), different models (e.g. Chrysler C300 Baby Bentley limousine or Hummer H2 limousine), different capacities and different interiors. For a lot of potential customers the interior of their chosen limousine is a lot more important than what it appears like at the exterior. This could be due to a themed party or occasion such as a hen night requiring the interior to be pink even though the limo may be white. It could be that karaoke is needed, a DVD player or plasma TV or even just a CD player is required. Whatever the reason the interior of a limousine plays a big part in deciding which limo to hire.

Many limousines particularly in limo hire London and the Midlands region have lavish and luxurious interiors with stylish leather seating, mirrored ceilings and fibre optic lights. An exceptional few have lots of added extras such as Playstations, flat screen TV’s, surround sound systems, smoke machines, bubble machines and karaoke. Some such as the triple axle Hummer H2 has an onboard DJ complete with decks. All this is topped off with free bubbly and the amounts given varies greatly and could be anything from two bottles up to six.

The amount of extras in a imousine depends on its size. Many of the traditional stretch Lincoln Town Cars do not have the space to fit surround sound systems and smoke machines in them, though a few do contain karaoke. The bigger limousines such as the Hummer H2 limos do have the room and a lot of limousine companies exploit this by filling the limo with all the mod cons and gadgets you can think of. possibly the best interior of any chauffeur driven vehicle has to be the party bus limousines. Because of their size some party buses have special “dens” such as the Playboy Den and Poker Den, the latter complete with poker chips and playing cards. In addition they may have on tap bars where you can buy your favourite drink, a dance pole as well as smoke machines and bubble machines.

The way the interior of a limousine is presented does depend on the limousine company. The vast majority of limousine operators will adhere to customer requests such as balloons and banners for a birthday or hen night and even personalise the limo with the birthday boy or girls name. This will also mean that if a pink limo is not available and the only limo that is happens to be white, the operator may go out of their way to ensure that the inside is as pink as possible. This will probably involve pink balloons, pink banners, pink chocolates, pink flowers and even pink champagne. As with any industry there are those limousine companies that cut corners and provide sub standard limousines. This is particularly true of older shape Lincoln Town Car limos with many hired out in a poor condition. Before the limo is hired make sure you get to view pictures of the interior of the limousine to judge its condition.

The Growth Of Tea Parties See No End In Sight

The Boston Tea Party was a symbol of defiance that American taxpayers had many years ago. Today’s taxpayers have been organizing their own tea parties to show the government how they feel. These new edition tea parties are used to protest higher taxes and government spending that they feel is totally out of control. The thing that makes this protest out of the ordinary is everyday citizens organize them. No political party is the driving force just common everyday people that are tired of what is going on. Let us look deeper at these tea parties and how they have become so well organized.

For the longest time people have been having small turnouts, but now with people realizing how powerful the Internet can be the parties numbers have swelled. No longer are these protests just limited to forty or fifty people they have been able to get thousands organized thanks to the power of the Internet. Tea parties are becoming a global force and no longer limited to the big cities. Grassroots efforts which include the use of bloggers along with Google maps keeps these tea parties organized and growing at a very good rate. By using the Internet, they can reach a greater audience and keep growing as a movement.

The political parties see good and bad in the tea parties that seem to dot the landscape of America. On one hand, they love the self-expression that people are showing, but they also know they need to reach out to these people. When the next election comes up you want to tap into this type of movement especially if your agenda includes part of their platform of lower taxes and stopping government waste. It is a fine line and political parties are starting to test the waters and see what these tea parties are all about. If they continue to grow as a force, both political parties will need to take them more seriously.

Most people think that tea parties are just a growing fade that will slowly disappear from sight in a year or two. That sounds plausible, but being well-organized means, these tea parties could be around for a long time. The power of these parties has not been felt just yet, but in the next presidential election they could be a powerful voting segment. Look for these tea parties to continue to draw interest as we get closer to political races and their influence continues to grow.

American Boston Tea Party Event

There are some events that took place during the historic time when America was declaring its independence from England that are so historic, so iconic that they have taken on the status of myth and legend as much as history. And certainly the Boston Tea Party fits that description. This is such a stand out event in American history that it is common to see school children reenact it during elementary school plays or skits. And the participants names including John Hancock, Paul Revere and John Adams have similarly become classic heroic figures in American folklore and history.

But the events of December 16, 1776 were not fable or myth but real and important parts of the development of the American Revolution that was crucial to the early foundation of this country. The situation of taxation that was being imposed by Brittan on goods that were coming into the colonies was one of serious stress on the colonists because they had no control over those taxes. And that tax situation was made more extreme with the relationship between the British government and the East India Tea company who was receiving tax breaks for their goods that would place them at a competitive advantage in the Americas.

These kinds of preferential treatment only aggravated the already tense relationship between the colonies and Britain and many in leadership over the American states saw the way England was handling the situation as conspiratorial to try to hurt the economy of the growing new country and to impose restrictive rule through taxation on the colonies and the colonists. That is why that famous proclamation “No Taxation Without Representation” became one that is historic for the outrage against the English that took the colonies into revolutionary war that eventually lead to the independence of the American colonies and the beginning of a new country.

Finally on Thursday, December 16, 1776, decisive action needed to be taken. And our forefathers were nothing if not known for bold and decisive action in the fact of tyranny. The East India Tea Company had docked the HMS Dartmouth in Boston harbor full of a fresh import of tea for the colonies. It was time for the colonists to make a statement that this unethical and immoral use of taxes on tea was for all intents and purposes an act of war and they were going to treat it as such.

Badly disguised as Indians, the brave colonists boarded the HMS Dartmouth and her sister ships, the HMS Beaver and the HMS Eleanor and skillfully and efficiently dumped the entire delivery of tea into Boston harbor. All totaled, over forty five tons of tea went into the water that night. It was a stunning blow. But more than that it was a slap in the face of the British government and a gauntlet laid down that their attempts to rule the colonies b tyranny were not going to be tolerated any longer.

This event was pivotal in pushing the hostilities between England and the colonies past the “nuisance” stage and setting forces in motion for war. But more than that, it was such a bold statement of defiance that many colonists were inspired to join the increasing chorus calling for war and independence.

For loyal Britains, the idea of separating and forming their own country was hard to grasp. But the leadership of the men who planned and executed the Boston Tea Party demonstrated a new independent spirit. This was the kind of backbone, the sense of pride and independence that was to come to define the American spirit in years ahead. But it took the courage and boldness of this little band of men to demonstrate that being trod on by a foreign tyrant was not something we had to put up with.

It made a statement to England and to the colonists at the same time that revolution was possible and they really could think of themselves as free people who would bow to no king. From that time forward the independence of America was inevitable. These visionary leaders showed us an America that gave power to its people, not to kings or governments and the result in how America works and our lives are lived is the direct outcome of bold protests such as the Boston Tea Party.

Boston Travel Guide

Boston may be only a state capital in United States of America but is still one of the most significantly rich and authoritative in a number of issues. It also has a rich history and culture to boast of as opposed to a number of cities of America.

Boston Logon International Airport is the most convenient way to access Boston. Train service is also in a fairly good condition and can be utilized to reach Boston if your budget does not allow air travel. There are innumerable options like bus services, boat services and road travel through a private car, available for you to choose from. For traveling inside the city, walking is the best option to keep the trip affordable and most pleasurable. You can choose to view all the historic and beautiful sites and have fun in a considerable less amount of cost. Public transits, bus or subways are also practical alternatives you can make use of.

The quality of the seafood available in Boston is far superior to other cities in the state. There is a diverse range of ethnic restaurants that mainly cater to a specific clientele, but you can try all of them if you love eating that much. There is no dearth of Italian eateries; in fact there is a plethora of options. You can choose any good Italian restaurant you wish to dine in. Restaurants usually close before midnight in respect to the peace and quiet historic culture of Boston. Changing this way of life will be staunchly opposed to that has not been attempted.

Irrespective of the peace and quiet lovers in Boston, Boston is still known for its over-active night life, partying and too much drinking. People of Boston live as if there will be no tomorrow so they party every night and to the fullest of their abilities. Celebrations are always happening in Boston, so if you are a nighttime lover by preference, then Bostonians would surely love your partyholic nature. College students, businessmen and sports freaks, are all extremes when it comes to partying away every night.

Patriot’s Day/Boston Marathon is an internationally famous marathon that takes place every year in Boston on third Monday of April. The fourth of July which is the independence day of Boston is celebrated with astronomical vigor and liveliness. It’s one of the major events of Boston and is famous for its spirited activities. The Feast of St. Anthony is one of the biggest feast events, which is usually held in late August. It includes food sellers, games, music, dance, and also a parade on the famous street of Hanover.

Professional sports teams of Boston are not only loved internationally but also extraordinarily famous nationally. Visit the world’s oldest baseball stadium which is being used to this date by your favorite players. Fenway Park, Gillete stadium (football stadium) and TD Garden are the famous areas of sports that cater to baseball, basketball and also football events. Visit them to get a feel of the sportiness in Boston.

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How To Choose A Budget Hummer Limo And Party Bus Services?

You have little tight budget and you are bit confused where to start to rent a party bus. You need not to worry, yes, the best possible way to choose a Party bus or a Hummer Limo is when you are Clubbing or partying on a weekend in your city you may have often wondered to witness buses full of people enjoying themselves and dancing happily on the spacious floors. You may not have an idea about these buses, actually these are party buses. Take a look on the following paragraphs you will have an idea how to choose a budgeted limo of bus such services.

When should we hire a Party bus rental service or a limo? The perfect occasions to enjoy the ride of these luxurious buses are hen and stag nights, birthday celebration; bar mitzvahs, coming of age, hen and stag nights, proms, and any other reason and they can make you enjoy your party heart out with all great ambiances to impress your guests. A chauffeur with perfect knowledge city’s all tourist spots; partying knowledge will make sure you have an unforgettable experience ecstasy, joy, care and fun. You just enjoy with you guest and forget all the worries for picking you guests up and dropping them off at their doors once the party get over.

Let’s come to the point to discuss how can we choose a luxury bus without placing too much burden on your recession hit pocket? You should follow a simple but important procedure to choose the budgeted bus. The first step will be to choose a legitimate agency which is capable enough to provide you unforgettable moments of your partying experience. You can find lots of companies which are providing very low cost service and put your party on risk and may destroy all you joys to party. Many people may underestimate this fact while looking for party bus rental. It’s worth double checking to check the bus properly to avoid hiccups which may come up during the party time.

Other important thing is insurance of the bus, you are going to hire in any unwanted incidents or accidents. It will be very great if you visit the company premises physically though if you are looking forward for a reputed agency, above mentioned problems may not hamper joys of your party but you must ask as many as questions you may ask from the staff of the company taking care of your party. You must make sure to ask questions like what kind of preparedness they have in case of any unexpected emergency etc.

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Clicks Group: Fresh scent of cash

Summing up the key to Clicks’ resilience, the health and personal care group’s CE, David Kneale, says: “In good and bad times, people always want to look and feel good.”
David Kneale.
Photographer: Trevor Samson
Image source:
David Kneale.
Photographer: Trevor Samson
Image source: Financial Mail
Clicks’ cash-only drugstore model has proved itself to be more than just resilient. It has enabled the group to produce the retail sector’s highest return on equity – 53,7% in its year to August – and cash flow beyond its expansion funding needs.

Reflecting its cash generation power, Clicks has returned R3,3bn to shareholders over the past five years by way of dividends and share buy-backs. Put in perspective, this exceeded by far Clicks’ shareholders’ funds of R2bn at the end of its latest reporting period.

Clicks’ consistent growth, high return on equity and cash flow have earned it a super rating. And investors are still paying up.

After the release of its annual results to August – which saw headline EPS rise by 14% and its final dividend by 23,7% – investors scrambled to buy, boosting the share price by 10% to a new high and its p:e to 27.

Investors clearly liked what they saw, not least the core Clicks chain’s ability to sustain market share gains across all its key product categories: prescription pharmaceuticals, skin care, hair care, health care and baby products.

The Clicks chain is fighting for market-share gains through price promotions (accounting for almost a third of its sales). Countering this pressure on margins are rising sales of private label products and exclusive brands.

“They made up 25,7% of our front shop sales,” says Kneale. It is a level to which most SA non-fashion retailers can only aspire.

Unlike many other retailers now growing trading space at the cost of sales of existing stores, Clicks has scope to expand store numbers into untapped locations. From its existing 486 Clicks store base, the retailer plans to add some 25 new stores annually.

“Our goal is to have 600 stores and a pharmacy in every store,” says Kneale.

It now has 361 pharmacies and will add as many as 35 in the new financial year.

It is a tall order in a market in which pharmacists are in short supply. Kneale believes Clicks has the solution. “We are building our graduate pharmacist pipeline through a bursary scheme and training pharmacy assistants at our academy,” he says. “We are starting to see the benefits of these initiatives.”

The group is not limited to Clicks stores to grow its retail footprint. In its armoury are three brands under exclusive franchise agreements with major international groups.

First aboard was Body Shop in 2001, a franchise that has grown to 50 stores and has a presence in 86 Clicks stores.

In 2013 Clicks filled a gap in its product lineup through a new franchise agreement with GNC, the largest health supplement group in the US. With four GNC stores already in place and a presence in 257 Clicks stores, Kneale says: “We are pleased with the rate of sales growth.”

In its latest move, Clicks opened the first Claire’s store in July. Focused on fashion jewellery and accessories for the younger generation, the franchise comes with the backing of US group Claire’s, which operates more than 3,000 corporate and franchise stores in 46 countries.

Also powering ahead is Clicks’ UPD pharmaceutical distribution business, which brings in annual revenue of R8,6bn. “In the past five years we grew revenue at 25%/year and doubled operating profit,” says Kneale.

Importantly, UPD’s third-party business is growing fast, rising 35% in the latest financial year to 51% of total revenue. “We are operating at 70% capacity utilisation,” says Kneale. “It leaves a lot of scope for further growth.”

Clicks is an impressive company and, from a business execution perspective, is low-risk. However, there is risk in its heady rating. One profit growth slip and its share price could face harsh punishment.

Line-up released for Grietfest 2015

Grietfest 2015 will be held on Saturday, 29 August at The Container Yard, 1 Impex Avenue, New Doornfontein, Joburg.
Grietfest is a counter-cultural electronic dance festival that takes place in the industrial container yards on the border of the Joburg CBD. The festival is a playful space for people who want to breathe in the energy of the underground and to come and see international artists that would most likely never be brought to South Africa to perform.

Grietfest is known for giving a platform to both foreign and local new talents who are tomorrow’s A-listers and promoting a positive energy among party-goers who share a unifying passion for varied styles of sub-genre electronic dance music.

Line-up released for Grietfest 2015

• 12pm: Two Lives Left
• 1pm: Vo Portent
• 2pm: Leechi
• 3pm: Chee
• 4pm: Okmalumkoolkat
• 5pm: PHFat
• 6pm: Aucan (Italy)
• 7pm: Haezer
• 8pm: Apashe (Belgium)

Science Frikshun Main Stage Take Over:

• 9pm: Benson
• 10pm: Friction (UK)
• 11.30pm: Rudeone
• 00.30am: Stage Close

Science Frikshun Stage:

• 12pm: Mr Mr
• 1.30pm: Ambush
• 2.30pm: Icarus & Rain
• 3.30pm: Deeziak
• 4.30pm: Ella G
• 5.30pm: Mr Green
• 6.30pm: Kamashe
• 7.30pm: Bruce Willis
• 8.30pm: Niskerone

Go! Go! Take Over Stage:

• 9.30pm: Grimehouse
• 10.30pm: The Oddword (Belgium)
• 11.30pm: Menticide
• 00.30am: Stage Close

Red Bull Studio Live Stage:

• 12pm: Kat La Kat
• 1.30pm: Andy Islands
• 2.30pm: Bruce Loko
• 4pm: Trancemicsoul
• 6pm: Maramza
• 7pm: Kyle Watson
• 8.30pm: Tot Toy Showcase
• 10.30pm: Fog Show
• 00.00: Stage Close

This year there will be a proper after party. Venue and line-up will be confirmed soon.
Free entrance for everyone with a Grietfest arm tag.

Fighting the insider threat

In the past, security efforts were largely focused on preventing cyber criminals from gaining access to the company network. Today, although this threat continues to be a real danger, there has been a growing focus on the threats posed by insiders. Company employees that have access to critical information and either maliciously or carelessly leak that data.
Businesses rely more and more on automated systems, and small USB drives, and these have paved the way for malicious insiders to inflict huge damage, and exfiltrate company data without anyone being the wiser.

It can happen to anyone

Moreover, insider attacks can be at least as devastating as external threats, and they can happen to anyone. These threats usually fall into one of the three categories: sabotage, theft of intellectual property or other sensitive data, and fraud.

These threats are particularly prevalent during tough economic times, during which organisations are forced to make cutbacks and retrench staff. This leads to a rise in the number of people who would consider stealing valuable data, and therefore a rise in malicious insider activity.

So what should IT be doing to prevent this sort of threat? The first step is knowing what your businesses’ most valuable data is, the data that would damage the company the most should it be stolen – think along the lines of the recipe for KFC’s eleven herbs and spices – and make sure security is focussed on that data.

Also, learn from any past attacks, as these will have shown where you are vulnerable, and what you were doing wrong. Understanding the weak points in your organisation will help the technical team put controls in place to watch for similar attacks in the future.

It is also important to understand who has access to your sensitive information. Remember, this list will include third-party business partners as well as internal employees. Make sure that only trusted parties have access, and that no-one has access to anything they don’t strictly need to do their jobs. Always enforce the principle of least privilege.

Eyes open

Next, keep an eye out for any anomalous or suspicious behaviour. The signs are numerous, and will include working unusual hours for no reason, unnecessarily copying data they don’t need, disregarding company policies about installing unauthorised software or applications, and trying to access restricted areas on the company network.

Be particularly vigilant when it comes to staff who have resigned or are about to be terminated. Research suggests there is a window during which most insider attacks take place, and that is within 30 days of handing in a resignation, on either side.

Another way to stop the insider threat is to have data leakage prevention (DLP) and other technologies that focus on preventing the leakage, accidental or deliberate of company data. An example of this would be centralised logging tools that are designed to look for any signs that data is being exfiltrated, or emails sent outside the organisation that are of an abnormal file size.

Perhaps the most vital measure businesses can introduce is to have a programme in place to deal with the threat. Get senior managers involved, put best-practices and plans in place to deal with and mitigate these threats. Technology on its own cannot hope to block all these attacks. A combination of proper policies and procedures with awareness and having an action plan already in place, allows companies to quickly prevent or these attacks.

Finding A Boston Charter Bus

If you need a Boston charter bus there are several ways to find the best company. It’s important to choose the right one, so your event is trouble free and enjoyable. Where do you look to find a good service? What questions should you ask to make sure your group event is perfect?

There are many ways to locate a Boston charter bus service. Most companies will have a website so you can find their information online. A quick web search should show you many to choose from. Looking at their websites can tell you if they have the type of charter bus that will meet your needs, and may even show you prices.

If an internet search doesn’t help you find the right service, try asking your friends, family, and neighbors. If they have used a Boston charter bus they may be able to suggest a good company. If they didn’t enjoy their experience, then they can tell you which bus services to avoid. That can be just helpful as a good reference. Find out what kind of group and event that they were with. A company that mainly serves school groups may not be ideal for a bachelorette party, and vice versa.

The local phone book is another option for locating a Boston charter bus. Coupon inserts, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and shopping guides may also be good sources of information. Take some time and look in all of these sources before choosing a company. The price and quality can vary greatly, and you want to choose the right one for your group and event.

When you have found several Boston charter bus companies to select from, asking a few questions can help you to make sure they are a good match. What should you ask to make sure you end up with a perfect event?

How many people does the vehicle hold? You want to make sure there is plenty of room for your party to ride comfortably.

Is there room to move around on the bus? This isn’t important if you’re only looking for transportation, but if you’re having an event like a bachelorette party it may be important. Some party buses will even have room for dancing.

Are food or drinks available? A party bus often has a bar, and drinks may be included or you may need to supply them. Snacks may also be available. For a long trip, find out if you can bring food on board or if you will be expected to stop to eat.

Are there sufficient bathrooms? For a longer journey bathrooms are critical. Even for shorter trips, they may be an important feature. Most full sized Boston charter buses will have at least one restroom.

How much room is there for luggage? You want to make sure that you can safely store suitcases, as well as bulk or awkward items like skis or musical instruments. Even for shorter outings, you may need storage space for items needed at your destination such as food, presents, decorations, etc.

Can you decorate the bus? For a local event such as a birthday party, holiday event, or bachelorette party, you may want to decorate with balloons, streamers, or other items. Decorating may be offered as a service or they may allow you to do it yourself.

What kind of music will be playing? If you have a strong music preference, make sure to discuss this beforehand. You may be asked to choose a radio station or provide a CD or music player.

How much does this cost? Budget is important. Most Boston charter bus companies will have a variety of packages to choose from to ensure that your event is perfect.

Get The Best With Boston Charter Bus

When it comes to using a Boston Charter Bus service, it’s important to know that you have real options. There are a wide variety of Boston Charter Bus services. They are all very helpful in helping people get to where they need to go. They vary in price, services, and locations offered. Thus, let’s look deeper into some of the Boston Charter Bus services.

First and for most when it comes to Boston Charter Bus services, there are services where you can pay by either the day or by the hour. The rates themselves vary when it comes to using Boston Charter Bus services. There are a wide variety of companies as a whole, who offer these services, and they also offer rental fees that are very affordable. Thus, it comes down to getting exactly what you need. It comes down to charter bus services in Boston that can make a difference and that can get you exactly where you need to go at the price you truly want. Some of the rental prices for Boston Charter Bus services include $1200.00 a day or as little as $525.00 for 5 hours. Of course there are also other prices that vary, so that you can truly find and get what you need with Charter Bus services.

Thus, the important thing to remember when it comes to Boston Charter Bus services is that you have real options. You have real options that include services such as time, rate, travel distance, and so much more. Therefore, it’s important to remember to utilize those options, so that you can get exactly what you need when you need it when it comes to getting the best in Boston Charter Bus services. The options are out there, so go ahead and explore the best in Boston Charter Bus services.

There are many ways to locate a Boston charter bus service. Most companies will have a website so you can find their information online. A quick web search should show you many to choose from. Looking at their websites can tell you if they have the type of charter bus that will meet your needs, and may even show you prices.

If an internet search doesn’t help you find the right service, try asking your friends, family, and neighbors. If they have used a Boston charter bus they may be able to suggest a good company. If they didn’t enjoy their experience, then they can tell you which bus services to avoid. That can be just helpful as a good reference. Find out what kind of group and event that they were with. A company that mainly serves school groups may not be ideal for a bachelorette party, and vice versa.

The local phone book is another option for locating a Boston charter bus. Coupon inserts, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and shopping guides may also be good sources of information. Take some time and look in all of these sources before choosing a company. The price and quality can vary greatly, and you want to choose the right one for your group and event.